Spring 2002 (13th Edition)
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Anyone with information about Barbara Strong, Debbie Revello or Nancy, who served with the 10th CSH between Jan 1975-May 76. Also, anyone who went to 91C20 school at Ft Sam Houston, TX, between Aug 1976-Jul 77 or Aug 1977-Jul 78 and lived in the new barracks built at Presido. Please contact Monica Anne "Shorty" "Senior C" Rickards at monica_rickards@hotmail.com.

Donna Fair of Denver, CO, who went to Signal School at Ft Gordon in 1969. Jim Kelly of Jersey City, NJ, and I were stationed at one of the last BCT companies to be shut down due to military down sizing. Please contact Paul A Brusse at VALVESTEM9999@aol.com.

Anyone with information about PFC Vicky Gantz, who was at Ft Leonardwood, MO for AIT in 1973. Please contact Nancy Crimm Burke at nburke@allwest.net or by writing 117 Canyon Hollow, Evanston, WY 82930.

Theresa "Terri" (Besani or Besane) Stogsdill who was stationed at Ft Devens, MA, between May 1967-Oct 68 and married to a Green Beret named Rick from Chino or Chico, CA. Also, Loralee (Westegard) Lee who was stationed at Ft Gordon, GA, in 1967. Loralee was originally from UT and, after marriage to SGT Terry Lee, they moved to FL. Also, Josephine Pablo from Guam, who was stationed at Ft Hood, TX, in 1968 and met and married a serviceman. All three of these ladies were WACs and dear friends and I would love to make contact with them. Please contact Margaret Louise "Maggie" Gacek at Maggie2568@aol.com.

Anyone with information about Linda Haynie, who was stationed at Ft Monroe, VA, between 1962-63. Please contact Marlene Ann "Sis" Terounzo at 396 Silver St, Greenfield, MA 01301 or by e-mailing sis396@yahoo.com.

Anyone who served in Alpha Co, 522nd CEWI Battalion, 2nd Armored Division at Ft Hood, TX, between Jan 1977-Jul 79. Please contact Denise Ann (Kaneff) Haines at ssmith@qis.net.

Anyone who was in B Co during basic training at Ft McClellan in 1976, especially Linda McPeek, Bonnie Oberlander and Lynette Morrow or who was stationed at Ft Ord between 1976-78, especially Dianne Abadia Arizmendi, Betty Spraull and Mary Garza. Please contact Dana Yarbrough Avants at ucjcdana@yahoo.com.

Anyone with information about my mother, Vera I Harmonay, who joined the WAC circa WWII, served at an Army base in TX, worked briefly at the Pentagon and, in 1945, was stationed at an American Army office on Unten den Linden in Berlin. She was stationed in London in 1946 and left the WAC shortly there after, settling in Yonkers, NY. Please contact Mary Pepchinski at prof@mary-pepchinski.de.

Anyone who served with the 11th Evacuation Hospital in Korea between 1950-52. Please contact Margaret Jane Lozinak Lawrence at Springfield18@home.com or by calling 610-358-1516.

Anyone with information about SP4, 71L Darla (Woodall) Young, who was stationed at Criminal Records Center, USA Criminal Investigative Division Center (CRCUSACIDC) in Dundalk, MD, between 1978-80 and Ft George Meade, MD, in 1981. She married Darren Young and had a daughter named Andrea in 1980. She was originally from Zillah, WA. Please contact Genevieve Luna at misymin@aol.com.

Anyone who was in Co B at Ft McClellan, AL, between Feb-Apr 1959; served at BAMC Ft Sam Houston, TX, between Apr-July 1959, especially Henrietta Hudson and Sharon Bowery; served at Ft MacArthur, CA, between Jul 1950-Dec 60; or served at the 130th Station Hospital in Germany, between Jan 1961-Sep 62. Sharon also went to MP school at Ft McClellan and was then sent to El Paso. Please contact Rosamary Carter Lindsey at rosamaryl@aol.com.

Anyone with information about CPT Rosemary Kennedy who served with the 3rd Field Hospital in Saigon between Feb 1969-Feb 70. Please contact Dennis "Wishbone" Gross at deg453@prodigy.net.

Anyone with information about Shirley Meserth of OH, who served as a Medical Technologist at Valley Forge, PA, Okinawa, Germany and several other Army posts in the US between 1956-84. She retired from the Army in the mid-1980s and her last known address was in Temple, TX. Also, anyone with information about Eva Harvel or Shirley White who both served at Valley Forge Army Hospital between 1957-59 or anyone who was in WAC Co B at WAC Center, Ft McClellan, AL, between Jul-Aug 1956. Please contact Shirley Hawk Green at 260 W Wayne St, Dunkirk, OH 45836 or by e-mailing wacsg@wcoil.com.

Anyone who served in the 529th MP Co in Heidelberg, Germany, between 1975-78; especially the group of nine women who reported there from Ft McClellan. Please contact Christine Casey at Chris3257@aol.com.

Anyone with any information about WWII WAAC Sophia Bonow Roston, who is now deceased and buried in Sunset Hill Cemetery in Valdosta, GA. Please contact David Mann, war historian, at Cessnajock@hotmail.com.

Anyone who served with my mother, Army nurse 1LT Doris E "Baby" Lacy of Bishop, TX, who was a member of the 35th General Hospital unit in the Philippines and New Guinea between 1944-46. After the war she met and married my dad, Sgt Everett Allan Gerrard, USAF, in HI. Please contact her through her daughter, Laura Hickey, at LHICK@MSN.COM.

JoAnn "Joey" Eneix, who graduated from basic training at Ft Jackson, SC, in the summer of 1980 and whose last assignment was First Sergeant at an Army recruiting unit in NJ. She may have retired and moved to NC. She is 4'11" and needs her big sister to look after her. Please contact Brenda Willis at Donnawon8@aol.com.

Anyone who served with WAC Josephine "Vi" LaChiusa when she was a medical technician in Army hospitals in Long Island, NY, and MA, circa 1945. Vi was originally from Buffalo, NY, and married paratrooper Charles Erban who was in the 17th Airborne Division. Please contact Jerry Erban at fit4l@aol.com.

Anyone who in A-1 with SGTs Joiner and Littleton at Ft McClellan between Nov 1972-Feb 73. Also, Mary Frye and Regina Bean who were stationed in Sinop, Turkey, between 1973-74. Please contact Lissia Holden Pica Whitt at clpica@starpower.net.

Anyone with information about Carolyn Harris Crouch, who was a platoon leader during basic training at Ft McClellan, AL, in 1974. She went on to linguistic school and was stationed in Turkey for a while. She was originally from NY and, the last time we spoke, was the mother of a daughter and lived in Sprakers, NY. Please contact Sandra Dale "Sandi" (Stansbury) Zarfoss at border1@ultraisp.com.

MAJ Jo Jordan, USAR, who served with the 301st Field Hospital in Gainesville, FL, between 1991-92. I lost contact with her in Aug 1992 and would like to get in touch with her again. Please contact Patricia Ann Fuchs at paf1940@hotmail.com.

Cathy "Cat" Leistikow who served with the 501 Signal Battalion at Ft Campbell between 1975-77. Please contact Anne "Gold Dust Twin" Beck at MSFITTT@WEBTV.NET.

Anyone who served with Alice (March) Murray in the WAAC/WAC at Ft Bragg, NC; Ft Des Moines, IA; Ft Oglethorpe, GA; or overseas in Casablanca, Algiers, or Caserta, Italy, between 1941-1945. Alice married PFC William E Murray on Nov 14, 1944, is still active in veterans’ groups at 86 and often talks about her Army friends. Please contact Alice "Cookie" March Murray at Slachetka11@netscape.net.

Carol "Keel" Ingram, who served as a Lab Technician at Ft Devens, MA, between 1965-68. I believe she joined the Army in 1963-64 and was discharged in Jan 1968. She may have originally been from the south, but she was living in CA in the 1970s. Please contact Sandie Bock at GLDWNGNUT@AOL.COM.

Members of the 66th Field Hospital unit who supported the 45th Thunderbird Division that liberated Dachau in 1945. The unit history, as I remember, is fuzzy. Our chief nurse is gone and I have lost track of the nurses. The unit was small, so I guess reunions would have to be included with the 45th Thunderbird Division. My kids are interested. Please contact Dorothy M "Pauley" (Paulson) Carlson at strayray@webtv.net.

Anyone with information about Robin (Mongeon) Bell, who was from Silver Spring, MD, and attended basic training at Ft McClellan in Nov 1973. Please contact Terry S "Scottie" (Scott) Peardon at silvercrayon1954@aol.com or by writing to PO Box 1581, Evans, GA 30809.

Anyone with information about WO Betty Luxmore or Katherine Floyed who served in Heidelberg, Germany, between 1947-50. The last time I saw Betty Luxmore was in Heidelberg in the early 1960s and she was a warrant officer then. Please contact Sidney "Sid" Jordan at sjariz@aol.com.

Anyone who knew LT Dorothy Willis, USA NC, of KY, who was assigned to a general hospital in England and later to a field hospital that moved with the troops across France and into Germany or her friend LT Marge Newman of KS, who also served in the ETO. Dorothy enlisted in the early 1940s and was discharged between 1945-46. After being discharged, they moved to Chicago. Please contact Erma Jean Armstrong at Route 1, Box 293A, Moberly, MO 65270 or by e-mailing carla@mcmsys.com.

Anyone with information about PFC Patricia Antione of NY/NJ, Sherita Green of NY, Shirley Triplett of MS or any other soldiers who went through basic training and AIT in C Battery, 1st Training Brigade, 4th Battalion at Ft Bliss in El Paso, TX, between Jan-Apr 1980. Please contact Sheila Shavonne (Owens) Rowell at designities@yahoo.com or srowell15@attbi.com.

Anyone who served with my great aunt, Frances Santos, in the 9th Army Air Force, 394th Signal Auxiliary, WAC Detachment during WWII or anyone who served in any WAAC/WAC unit from 1942-1945. I have a Web site dedicated to my family's military service during WWII and have just added a veterans section, so I am looking for veterans, or their family members, who wish to contribute stories or photos to my site. I want to tell your stories. Please contact Eugene E "Gene" Grenier at mr2nc@aol.com.

Anyone who was in Co A-5 at Ft McClellan between Nov 1966-Jan 1967 or in medic school at Ft Sam Houston, TX, between Jan-Feb. 1967, especially Jae La Fleur, Leslie Feiring or Penny Jensen. Also, anyone who was stationed at Ft George Meade, MD, between 1967-69, especially Betsy "Peg" Bissett, who was a lab tech at Kimbrough Army Hospital. I would love to make contact with old buddies. Please contact Bonnie L "Buffy" Basinger at OneXNurse@aol.com.

Anyone who served with my mother, PFC Mary "Mac" Macuch, during basic training at Ft Oglethorpe, GA, in Apr 1944 or at Camp Blanding, FL, where she served as company clerk, mail clerk and taught military customs and courtesies until her discharge at the end of the WWII. Please contact E Darlene Olver at dolver9536@msn.com.

Karen Fenton of IL, who was born on Mar 23, 1949; enlisted in 1967; went to basic training at Ft McClellan and Signal School at Ft Gordon, GA, before "The Fire;" and served in the communications center at Ft Riley, KS, in late 1967. She then went to Germany, where she met first husband, a man named Newbanks, who later died in a motorcycle accident. Dear roommate, I still owe you dinner and we need closure. Please contact Linda Dusek "Linda D" Ravenell at ravencircle@worldnet.att.net.

Anyone with information about Lois Wilson Chapman, who served in the Women's Army Corps in Marseilles, France, and Frankfurt, Germany, between 1945-46. I haven't heard from you in many moons. Please contact Ketz Platusick at katieowa@voyager.net.

Anyone with information about Claire Schoen who served in the operating room of the 12th Evacuation Hospital, Cu Chi, Vietnam, between 1967-68. She was originally from Gillette, NJ. Please contact Sarah Leah "Mighty" Blum at 253-939-8796 or by e-mailing sarahblum@earthlink.net.

Anyone who was in the photography or technician classes that graduated on January 30, 1944, at Lowry Field in Denver, CO, especially Stash and Serfing. I would love to hear from you. I have photos to share if you would like them. Please contact Helen Saunders "Sandy" Cunningham at Cunninhl@Yahoo.com or by writing 7111 Creek Wood Dr, Chapel Hill, NC 27514.

Anyone who served with WAC PFC Barbara Louise "Blond Bomber" Fellows at Paine Field, WA, between 1943-44. Help! I am in failing health and want to get in touch with you. Please contact Barbara Walton at 168 Shaw Heights, Waterbury Center, VT 05677, by calling 802-244-5514 or by e-mailing bwalton@vdh.state.vt.us.

Anyone with information about Carrie May Woolsey, who went to nursing school in Battle Creek, MI, circa 1900-14 and served in France during World War I. Carrie was born in Cowley County, KS, in 1884 and, in her later years, lived in Santa Paula, CA. Please contact Virginia Buchanan at Vbuchanan@aol.com.

Information on nurses who died in the course of providing nursing care for a Virtual Nurses’ Memorial Web site. Please contact Web master Bob McCarthy at mcvegas@worldnet.att.net.

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Marine Corps
Anyone with information or stories about my grandmother, Jeanne Barbara (Hickland) Goody, or my grandfather, Frank John Goody.
My grandmother served in the Marine Corps and was stationed at Miramar NAS around 1944. It was there that she met my grandfather, who was the PX Steward. Please contact Belinda Goody at wxgirl21@earthlink.net.

Anyone with information about Elsie G Ferreras who enlisted in the USMCWR in New York City in August 1944. Please contact Rachel (Gonzales) Torres at 3440 NE 192nd St #4N, Aventura, FL 33180 or by calling 305-937-4024.

Anyone who was in platoon 23B with Senior Drill Instructor SSgt Barbara Harvell at Parris Island between Dec 1978-Feb 79. Also, anyone with information about GySgt Tammy D Cook, who worked with the MISSO on Camp Foster, Okinawa, Japan. Please contact Jacqueline Denise "Jackie" (Murphy) Stewart at hssrvnt_2000@yahoo.com.

Anyone who was in platoon 13A at Parris Island and graduated on May 26, 1980. Please contact Cherry Ann Martin-Mcpherson at Cmcphe4845@aol.com.

Silvia Diaz or anyone else who was in Platoon 8B during boot camp at Parris Island, SC, in 1977. We graduated boot camp on Aug 1, 1977. Silva may be a Navy officer now. Please contact Deborah "Debbye" Harrison at Buggyworks@att.net.

Eydthe L Eckerly who was stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC, in 1944. She was one of the witnesses at our wedding. I believe she originally came from KY and am interested in trying to locate her. Please contact MCPO Kenneth Channell, USN (Ret), at 9 Vester Dr, Dennisport MA 02639 or by e-mailing docchannell@mediaone.net.

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Rebecca Nicholson, originally from Culpepper, VA, or any photographers who attended PH "A" school in Pensacola, FL, between Sep-Dec 1973; were stationed at NISC, Suitland, MD, between 1974-77 or Norfolk, VA, or Oceana AB, Virginia Beach, VA, between 1980-84.
Please contact Debbie (Weber) Dart at 4279 S Ireland St, Aurora, CO 80013-6074 or by e-mailing Trainwench@attbi.com.

Any boot mates who were in Co 3 or 9 with RCPO McMahan and MPO Charnock at Bainbridge, MD, between Jul-Dec 1970 or were in Class 7220 at Hospital Corps School, Great Lakes, IL, between Mar 1971-May 72. Also anyone who was stationed at NAS Portsmouth, VA, between May 1972-Apr 73; on the USS Sanctuary (AH-17) between April 1973-Jan 75; or NAS LeMore, CA, between Dec 1971-May 72, especially Cindy "Pineapple" and the Scooby Gang. Please contact Rene "Ruby Bagonya" Hopwood at rhopwood@usvetsinc.org or by calling 310-348-7600.

Arlene Woody who was stationed at NAS Barbers Point and was my roommate in Nanakuli, HI, between 1979-80. Please contact Barbara J (Luoma) Heitzenroder at bapaint@bellsouth.net.

Myrna Weiland who was stationed in Norfolk, VA, in 1976. Please contact Kathy Cottrell at kcottrell_53@yahoo.com.

Anyone with information about Charlotte Halsey O'Loughlin of OK who trained at Smith College, Northhampton, MA, in Jun 1944 and then served in Communications CNO in Washington, DC. Please contact Alice Cornell Wheeler at frwheeler@Juno.com.

Anyone with information about Roseann(e) Lyles, USNR NC, who served at Oaknoll Naval Hospital, Oakland, CA, between Apr 1970-Jun 72. Please contact Carol (Lee) Stover at clstover@msn.com.

Anyone with information about WAVE Elinor or Eleanor "Bunny" Gleason (maiden name), who served at Quonset Point NAS between 1943-45. She was originally from VT and lived outside Washington, DC, after the war. Please contact Elizabeth "Betty" (Stoughton) Kelly at eskelly@msn.com.

Anyone with information about WWII WAVE Carolyn Jeremias (maiden name) of NY, who went to boot camp in OK in 1945 and then was stationed at Patuxent River Naval Air Station. She married a Marine. Please contact George "Skully" Scully at GeorgeScully@aol.com.

Anyone who was in boot camp Co 32 at Bainbridge, MD, between Sep-Nov 1962; especially Virginia Walker White of CO. Please contact Barbara Sebring at gandbsebring@msn.com.

Anyone with information about YN1 Sheryl (Powell) Bailey, originally from MI, who was stationed on the USS Samuel Gompers (AD-37) between 1979-81. She later went into the Navy Reserves and is probably retired by now. She was married to BTCS Bill Bailey, I think he made BTCM, and their last known address was in the San Diego area. Please contact Diane (Racine) Lancaster at dlancas422@aol.com.

Joanne Weier, USN, of St Clair, MI, who worked in the Personnel Office at Corpus Christi, TX, between Sep 1967-Feb 70. After leaving the Navy, she went back to MI and later returned to Corpus Christi, where I lost touch with her. Also, Karen Earnest of Helena, MT, who started boot camp at Bainbridge, MD, in Feb 1967 and after graduating, stayed on as company aide for 60 days. Please contact Lurenda Carmickle at LEMelton1@aol.com.

Anyone who is a relative of or anyone who has photographs of WWI Yeoman (F) Estelle Kemper (AKA Mrs Henry F Butler) of VA. I am writing a book for kids and would like to include Estelle Kemper's story. Please contact Amy Nathan at AmyNbooks@AOL.com or by calling 914-833-0415.

Anyone who served with my sister, WAVE Marie DeRose, who was stationed in Washington, DC, and Norfolk, VA, in the Submarine Fleet Cryptology section between 1943-44. Please contact Wally M DeRose Wally.DeRose@gsa.gov.

Anyone with information about WAVE Doris Dean, who was the storekeeper at Armed Guard Training School, Shelton, VA, between 1944-46. Her last known location was in New York City, where she was attending Arts Students League. She was originally from IA. Please contact Jean (Walker) LeRay at momjean46@yahoo.com.

Anyone with information about Cyndee Ann Babcock, who worked at base tower at Fallon Naval Air Base circa 1994-97. Please contact Amy Franzen at yipes@runestone.net.

Anyone who was in Co 11 at NTC in Bainbridge, MD, between Oct-Dec 1967. I'd like to hear from you. Please contact Edelene "Eddy" White at Edelene48@aol.com.

Anyone with information about Beatrice Sherer, Betty Jarvis or Margaret Anderson, who were stationed at WAVES Quarters K, Arlington, VA, circa Feb 1945. Please contact Phyllis Turley Schuester at 1733 Felton Dr, Hays, KS 67601 or by e-mailing pshutts@hotmail.com.

Anyone with information about Carrie May Woolsey, who went to nursing school in Battle Creek, MI, circa 1900-14 and served in France during World War I. Carrie was born in Cowley County, KS, in 1884 and, in her later years, lived in Santa Paula, CA. Please contact Virginia Buchanan at Vbuchanan@aol.com.

Eydthe L Eckerly who was stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC, in 1944. She was one of the witnesses at our wedding. I believe she originally came from KY and am interested in trying to locate her. Please contact MCPO Kenneth Channell, USN (Ret), at 9 Vester Dr, Dennisport MA 02639 or by e-mailing docchannell@mediaone.net.

Information on nurses who died in the course of providing nursing care for a Virtual Nurses’ Memorial Web site. Please contact Web master Bob McCarthy at mcvegas@worldnet.att.net.

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Air Force
Anyone with information about A2C Marie MacDonald (WAF), who served at Richards-Gebaur AFB between 1958-60.
Please contact Sonia Lillard "Sunny" Shands at slshands@san.rr.com.

Anyone with information about Betty (Phillips) Brown who was stationed at Sheppard Air Force Base between 1963-67. I would like to contact her again. Please contact Earnestine "Tina" Donaldson Hill at E1TinaBuck@aol.com.

Anyone who went through basic training at Lackland AFB in Mar 1970; especially Moak and Coppernoll. I can’t remember our flight number, but we had 2 females and 1 male TI. My group photo of our flight was stolen during one of many household moves, so I would like to get a copy if someone still has an original. I would also love to talk with anyone from the flight. Please contact Karen Hansen at keyserk@chamb.disa.mil.

Leota Mildred (Hood) Hicks, who was stationed at Dental Tech School, Great Lakes Naval Training Center in 1953 and at Brooks AFB, TX, between 1953-55. Please contact Jacqueline "Jacque" Walker at jwalk@shelby.net.

Anyone with information about Caroline (Cornejo) Garcia, USAF, who was stationed at Selfridge ANGB, MI, between 1960-62. Please contact Brenda Gaffney Barabasz at brenlee2000@yahoo.com.

Anyone with information about Betty "Helen" Elizabeth Phillips Brown, who served at Sheppard AFB, TX, between 1965-67. Please contact Earnestine "Tina" Donaldson Hill at E1TinaBuck@AOL.Com.

Marlene Schuler (maiden name), who was from the Chicago-Evanston, IL, area and enlisted in Air Force in either late 1951 or early 1953. I lost contact with her while she was in basic training at Lackland. Please contact Orlando F "Mac" McCafferty at ofmac@lorettotel.net.

SSgt Grace H Gleason, USAF, who served at Stewart Field, NY, between 1949-50 and then worked in recruiting until her retirement. Please contact Janice "Jan" Carper at 703-754-2665 or by e-mailing JaniceMCarper@aol.com.

Anyone who was in Squadron W050, the ghost squadron, in basic training at Lackland AFB, TX, in Feb l981. Please contact Aurea Rivera Neal at aurea.neal@iwd.state.ia.us.

Information on nurses who died in the course of providing nursing care for a Virtual Nurses’ Memorial Web site. Please contact Web master Bob McCarthy at mcvegas@worldnet.att.net.

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Coast Guard
Anyone who knew Doris Valborg Larsen, who enlisted in the Coast Guard on Dec 5, 1944, and then reported to the Coast Guard Training Station at Palm Beach, FL
. Please contact Charlie Herzog at 575 N First St #406, Minneapolis, MN55401 or by e-mailing cherzog@privcomm.com.

We Also Served
Information on nurses who died in the course of providing nursing care for a Virtual Nurses’ Memorial Web site.
Please contact Web master Bob McCarthy at mcvegas@worldnet.att.net.

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Dedication of WWII Marine Monument honoring the fallen members of Marine, Navy, Army Air Forces, Coast Guard, and civilian units from the battles at Roi-Namur, Siapan, Tinian and Iwo-Jima, 2 p.m., Feb 23, 2002, VA Cemetery, Ft Leavenworth, KS.
Please contact Bob Hunt at 913-649-5350 or R E Graff at 816-373-0650.

US Army 804th Medical Brigade’s 37th Medical Symposium "Preserving our Freedom through Military Medicine", Mar 15-17, 2002, Marriott Hotel, Burlington, MA. Please contact Mr. Peter Gailis at 800-554-7813 ext 12656 or ext 13675.

"North to Alaska" Navy Nurse Corps Association (NNCA) Reunion Cruise, May 11-18, 2002. Please contact LCDR Lynn Day at PO Box 767, Seabeck, WA 98380, by calling 360-830-9843 or by e-mailing lday@sprintmail.com.

Army Nurse Corps Association 13th Biennial Convention, May 24-26, 2002, Plaza Hotel, Boston, MA. Please contact COL Mary Quinn, USA (Ret), at 94 Prospect Hill Dr, Weymouth, MA 02191 or by calling 781-337-7419.

Women's Overseas Service League Convention, Jun 7-10, 2002, Silver Legacy, Reno, NV. Please contact Georgia Boyd at 2552 Williams St, San Leandro, CA 94577-3151 or by calling 510-357-3787.

Korean War Era Veterans Reunion, Sep 13-15, 2002, Shaw Air Force Base, Sumter, SC. Please contact Don Skinner at skinner@ddminc.net or by calling 803-648-6841; or Jackie Stringfellow at stringjac@ckt.net or by calling 316-764-3808.

New Dorp High School Classes of 1951 (Jan and Jun) 50th Reunion, Oct 26, 2001, South Shore Country Club, Staten Island, NY. "Missing" classmates, who are military veterans, please contact Joe Benzinger at libjoezing@webtv.net.

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All Services
Anyone with information on Carrie May Woolsey who went to nursing school in Battle Creek, MI, circa 1900-14 and served in France during WWI. Carrie was born in Cowley Co, KS, in 1884, and lived her later years in Santa Paula, CA. Please contact Virginia Buchanan at Vbuchanan@aol.com.

Anyone with information about Jean Emi(ly) Heller or Henley, MD, who served in the Korean and South Pacific theaters from 1944-46, possibly as a Army physician caring for military personnel. I am researching Dr. Henley's life and contributions and need information about her military experiences. Jean was born in Chicago in 1910 and died in VT in 1994. She received her MD from Columbia University in 1940, took training in Internal Medicine at Peter Bent Brigham Hospital in Boston in 1943 and in the late 1940s, she underwent training to become a board-certified anesthesiologist. In 1948, she went to Germany and taught modern anesthesiology in several German medical schools, initially as a private person and later under the auspices of the State Department. In 1949, she wrote and published the first complete textbook on anesthesiology ever written in the German language. Later, she was honored by the German Anesthesia Society. She was an accomplished linguist and sculptress. Please contact Gerald L Zeitlin, MD, Department of Anesthesiology, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA, at AandGZeitlin@aol.com, by writing 104 Plainfield St, Newton, MA 02468 or by calling 617-244-4579.