Winter 2004 (20th Edition)
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Anyone who was assigned to 3rd Platoon, Co D, Group 1, Basic Training Battalion at Ft Lee, VA, in the summer of 1952. The platoon officer was 2LT Louise Brown, platoon sergeant was SGT Merrilyn Brown and the assistant platoon sergeant was SGT Edith Gibbons. Please contact Carolyn "Carol" (Blalock) Townsend at

Anyone who would like to share with me his or her WWII experiences with Lida Mary McKenna, Army Nurse Corps. I do not know her dates of service but she would most likely have been discharged in late 1945 or early 1946. Please contact Palma Marie (O'Donnell) Oseguera at

Any women who were assigned to E Co, Ft Dix, NJ, between Feb-Jun 1984; Ft Bliss, TX, between Jun-Jul 1984; or C Battery, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Air Defense Artillery, supporting the Hawk Missile Battalion at Giessen, Germany, between Jul 1984-Jan 1986, including Angela Brown who was attached to the neighboring medical unit. Please contact Hilda "Ortiz" Griep at

Anyone with information about Naomi Kaimakini, originally from HI, who served at the 34th General Hospital, Orleans, France, between 1955-57. Too many years have gone by. Please contact Patricia "Fitzie" Fitzgerald at

Anyone who was in Co A, 1st Battalion for basic training at Ft McClellan between Nov 1972-Feb 1973. Please contact Lissia (Holden) Pica at

Anyone with information about Rebecca "Becky" Garica who lived in the WAC Barracks, Heidelberg, Germany, between 1968-70. Rebecca may have originally been from TX and she got married while she was in Germany. While I have found others from our group, finding Becky would be wonderful. Please contact Patricia Lee "Sissy" (Welsh) Dillingham at

LT Turner, an Army nurse who treated my uncle, Norman Bonnevie, in Ward B-1 of the 54th General Hospital, New Guinea, between Feb 8-Apr 18, 1945. He was recovering from a leg injury obtained in the Philippines. Please contact Norman Bonnevie through his nephew, Bruce Bonnevie, at or by calling 207-897-5063.

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Marine Corps
No Marine Corps requests were submitted for this quarterly edition of In Search Of.

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Virginia Dare "Tommie" Thomas, originally from near Greensboro, NC, who was stationed at Camp Detrick, Frederick, MD, in 1944.
She became a registered nurse after discharge from the Navy. Please contact Virtha L "Gil" (Gilmore) Moon-Padgett at 1506 W Forth St, Coffeyville, KS 67337 or by calling 620-251-2814.

Mary (Kauffman) Patroni and Lorraine (Robinson) Hunt, who were both in the 10th Regiment at Hunter College, went to OK A&M for Yeoman School in Jul 1943, and where then stationed in Washington, DC. Mary was originally from Manheim, PA, and Lorraine from Marion, MA. Mary's last known location was in New York, NY, and Lorraine's was Silver Spring, MD. Please contact Elizabeth (Rasch) Marsh at, by calling 714-538-8771, or by writing 17741 E Fairhaven Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705.

Anyone who was in Co 3127 with Company Commander YN2 Lopez at Recruit Training Center, Orlando, FL, between Jul-Sep 1974 or AS1 Gail Strahan, RM1 Wanda Reese, SHC NP Lee Wesley or ASC Deb Skyes who served with me throughout my Navy career. Please contact Barbara D'Amato at 10300 Highway 98 North, Lot 1413, Lakeland, FL 33809.

Anyone who was a member of Co 4 at NTC, Bainbridge, MD, between Jun-Nov of 1969, especially Kay Hice or Penny Wren. I would love to hear from you. Please contact Becky Stanley Bizzell at

Anyone with information about Margaret "Peggy" Wilkinson who attended Air Controlman School at NAS Olathe, KS, in Dec 1958. She went on to a training base near Pensacola, FL. Peggy was originally from Grant's Pass, OR. I would love to reconnect with her. Please contact Jacqueline "Jacque" (Smith) Burdette at

Any female Communications Yeomen who worked in the Naval Communications Office, NAS Key West, FL, between Jul 1943-Feb 1946, especially Virginia Moran of PA and Mary Knots of IL. Please contact Mary Claire "Pat" "Irish" (O'Brien) Holcombe at

Anyone with information about ET3 Karen Melchionne who attended ET 'A' school at NTC Great Lakes in 1981. Please contact Lisa "Lee" (Crosby) Harvison at or by calling 808-968-9851.

Anyone who was in Co 11 with Company Commander SK Brown between Mar-Jun 1965; was stationed in WAVE Barracks #1 at NTC San Diego between Jun 1965-67, especially Marilyn Zekes and Sue Graham; or has any information about Susan (Perchla) Kemp who was attached to the Administrative Command with the Service School Command, NTC San Diego between 1965-67 and married to a US Marine named Kelly. Please contact Carol "Dunce" (Duncil) Earlewine at

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Air Force
Anyone with information about any Air Force nurses or WAF who were posted at RAF Burtonwood, England, from 1948 onward.
Please contact Norma Singer, Secretary of the Burtonwood Association and in association with the 59th Medical Group RAF Burtonwood, England, at 229H Whitestown Village, Butler, PA 16001-6663 or by calling 724-287-0933.

Any and all personnel who were with or went through the 3650th Basic Military Training Wing at Sampson Air Force Base, Romulus, NY, between 1950-56 and any former POWs. Please contact Chip Phillips, Treasurer and Business Secretary, Sampson Air Force Base Veterans Association, Inc, at PO Box 331, Williamsville, NY 14231; by calling 716-633-1119; or by e-mailing

Any WAFs who were in basic training Flight 31 at Lackland AFB, TX, between Aug-Sep 1962. Please Contact Ruth Ann (Griffin) Byron at or by writing 2708 SW 11th Ave, Cape Coral, FL 33914.

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Coast Guard
SPAR Ensign Barbara Sommers, USCG (WR), who, in Nov 1944, was in the last class of SPAR officer candidates to be commissioned at the CG Academy, New London.
I believe her married name was Mrs. James Kelly. She later held a civilian job in Washington, DC. I have pictures of her at Academy she would enjoy. Please contact June (Kimball) Coghlan at

We Also Served
No We Also Served requests were submitted for this quarterly edition of In Search Of.

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Feb 1979 USAF 3707th BMTS, Flight W039, San Antonio, TX, 25th Reunion, Jul 2004, Orlando, FL.
Please contact Dorm Chief M Susan (Harrell) Pawlowski La Flam Whaley at or by calling 772-388-3880.

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All Services
Anyone with information about a nurse from OH who aided Walter Rondyl Leftwich of Co L, 3rd Battalion, 242nd Infantry Regiment, 42nd Rainbow Division at the 11th Field Hospital, France, on March 3, 1945. Walter arrived at the hospital after losing a leg in a minefield, and would like to personally thank this nurse for saving his life. Please contact Wanda Culley, spouse of another member of the Rainbow Division and friend of Mr. Leftwich, at, by calling 480-844-7954, by faxing 480-844-7954 or by mail to 909 W Heather Dr, Mesa, AZ 85201-2413.