Women's Memorial Foundation Scholarship Program

The Women’s Memorial Foundation offers two scholarships for undergraduate and graduate studies. The Sarah Marjorie Kelley and LTC Margaret L. Ellerman, USA, Ret., Scholarships are open to all military women and women veterans. Each $500 scholarship is intended to provide financial assistance to women working to gain bachelor or master’s degrees.

The Kelley scholarship is for those seeking degrees in technical disciplines like computer science, business, finance, etc. The scholarship is intended to provide financial assistance to women, particularly single parents, returning to school to pursue the education needed for better paying careers. Col. Linda K. McMahon established the scholarship in memory of her mother who was a military spouse for over 20 years and contributed greatly to her daughter’s military career.

The Ellerman scholarship is for women seeking college degrees in any field. East Gate Limited Partnership, represented by Mr. Gino Orsini, established the fund in honor of LTC Ellerman, a retired Army Finance Corps officer. Mr. Orsini worked with LTC Ellerman at the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority and felt she was a role model and champion for those striving to achieve, improve and better themselves for humanity.

Scholarship applicants must be enrolled at an accredited university or college, either full- or part-time; be seeking a bachelor’s or master’s degree; demonstrate financial need; possess a GPA of 3.25 on a 4.0 scale; be a US citizen; be serving or have served in one of the five US military services, National Guard, Reserve or Merchant Marines; and be registered with the Women’s Memorial Foundation. While awards will be based on academic achievement, field of study, work experience, statements of objectives, recommendations, and financial need, consideration will be given to the “whole person” to include specific military contributions, sense of family commitment and community stewardship. Awards will be made without regard to race, creed, color or religion. 

Usually awarded twice a year, application materials, including application form, essays, transcripts and recommendations must be received by Dec. 15 for Spring term or June 15 for Fall term. Scholarship recipients will be notified by the Foundation.

Scholarship Program Instructions
Sarah Marjorie Kelley Scholarship Application Form
LTC Margaret L. Ellerman, USA, Ret., Scholarship Application Form

Instructions and applications are also available by calling 703-533-1155 or 800-222-2294, or by writing Women’s Memorial Foundation, 200 N. Glebe Rd., Suite 400, Arlington, VA 22203-3728.