Patriotism Runs in the Family

Women’s Memorial Foundation 2007 Women’s History Month Kit

The Women’s Memorial Foundation is pleased to present its first-ever online Women’s History Month Kit in commemoration of this year’s celebration. Our newly-released poster, Patriotism Runs in the Family, features images of women from each of the US armed services who are from a family with multi-generations of servicewomen – daughters, mothers and grandmothers. To accompany this year’s poster, our kit contains a series of articles that provide an intimate look at the lives, legacy and selfless service of the 11 servicewomen on the poster. Each article is illustrated with candid photographs of these women patriots during their military service and links within each story give you the opportunity to view each woman’s Memorial Registration. As an added resource, we are including a special guide to our online resources, to help make this year’s journey through military women’s history even more meaningful.

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