Voices of Valor
Women’s Memorial Foundation Releases 2008 Women’s History Month Kit

The Women’s Memorial Foundation is honored to present its online Women’s History Month Kit in commemoration of this year’s celebration. Our newly-released poster, Voices of Valor, spotlights five decorated servicewomen from each of the US Armed Forces who served in the Global War on Terror. The poster features remarkable role models for America’s youth—ordinary women who have stepped up to do extraordinary things. To accompany this year’s poster, our kit contains a series of articles (also available as downloadable PDFs) that shares the stories of service, sacrifice and valor of the servicewomen featured on the poster. Each article is illustrated with candid photographs of these American heroes during their military service, and links within each story give you the opportunity to view each woman’s Memorial Registration, as well as articles about the military decoration each was awarded for her service in Iraq.

The kit also includes a Tribute to Our Fallen Sisters who died while serving their country in the Global War on Terror; a special online exhibit, The Baghdad Diaries, featuring the personal e-mail correspondence of a Marine Corps master gunnery sergeant; and a feature article about the Global War on Terror exhibit on display at the Women’s Memorial. As an added resource, we have included an article about the origin of Women’s History Month and an online resource guide , to help make this year’s journey through military women’s history even more meaningful.

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SGT Leigh Ann Hester, USA
Cpl Ramona Valdez, USMC
LT Lisa Saar, USN
Capt. Kim Campbell, USAF
MST2 Sarah Vega, USCG

Also in the 2008 Kit
Tribute to Our Fallen Sisters
Special Online Exhibit-The Baghdad Diaries
Global War on Terror Exhibit (pdf feature article)
Women’s History Month: How It All Began
Online Resource Guide