Celebrating National Women's History Month 2011

America’s Military Women—Our History is Our Strength
Women’s Memorial Foundation Releases 2011 Women’s History Month Kit

The Women In Military Service For America Memorial Foundation is honored to showcase America’s military women for the 14th consecutive year with the release of our 2011 Women’s History Month poster, America’s Military Women—Our History is Our Strength. Supporting the national Women’s History Month theme,Our History is Our Strength, this display quality poster offers a visual journey through more than two centuries of women’s military service, from the American Revolution to the Global War on Terror. The five central images, one from each of the military services, spotlight women serving today as they protect our freedoms around the globe, shoulder to shoulder with their male colleagues. Inspired by those who’ve served before, these women are inspirations now and will be for generations to come. This exciting poster stimulates pride in America’s military women and encourages dialogue about other issues and challenges related to American women, past and present.

Accompanying the 2011 poster is our online Women’s History Month kit. The kit includes brief thumbnail sketches about the remarkable women featured in the poster as well as individual downloadable photos of each.

Also in the kit is a Tribute to Our Fallen Sisters, a chronological listing and tribute to the 137 women who have lost their lives in support of Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. You’ll also find two special online exhibits. The first, A New Generation of Warriors, (also available as a downloadable feature article) is a recent look at the women serving in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The second online exhibit is The Baghdad Diaries, which features the personal e-mail correspondence of a Marine Corps master gunnery sergeant in the earlier years of the war in Iraq. Another element of the kit a feature article is about our Global War on Terror exhibit, which captures the activities of women warriors some five years into the wars. We’ve also included an article about the origin of Women’s History Month and an online resource guide to help you find more information about America’s remarkable military women, past and present.

Many thanks to our generous sponsors, the Disabled American Veterans (DAV) who’ve helped produce the poster and kit for eight consecutive years; the AMVETS(American Veterans) for the past ten years; and the Veterans of Foreign Wars(VFW) joining us in 2011. Thanks to them, the poster is distributed free of charge to schools, libraries and veteran facilities across the nation and military installations worldwide.

Meet the 34 American servicewomen featured on the poster using this link
Thumbnail Sketches of America’s Military Women

Also in the 2011 Kit
Tribute to Our Fallen Sisters
Special Online Exhibit, A New Generation of Warriors
Special Online Exhibit, The Baghdad Diaries
Global War on Terror Exhibit (pdf feature article)
Women’s History Month: How It All Began
Online Resource Guide