15th Annual Commissary Campaign Kicks Off

“Salute the Women in the Military Campaign,” Beale AFB, CA, 2007. Photo courtesy of C. Lloyd Johnson, Inc.

Military commissaries around the globe kicked off their annual “Salute the Women in the Military” campaign Aug. 2. In addition to celebrating the contributions of America’s military women, the annual campaign also generates much-needed funds for the Women In Military Service For America Memorial Foundation–and you can help!

When you purchase selected items from your local commissary, participating manufacturers make donations to the Foundation. If you are an authorized commissary patron, simply do your weekly grocery shopping and the Foundation will be the beneficiary of a portion of the proceeds. During the promotion, which runs from Aug. 2-Sept. 5, you can also enjoy in-store savings by using the valuable coupons located in the “Salute Women” themed flyer, available at your commissary.

The campaign also includes an opportunity to win a commemorative Women’s Memorial pen, personalized with your choice of service branch emblem. Fifty winners will be selected at random from entries received at commissaries. Entry forms are located in the coupon flyer. Sponsored by C. Lloyd Johnson, Co., Inc., the “Salute Women” campaign is in its 15th year and has generated over $700,000 for us. So look for the “Salute the Women in the Military” campaign at your local commissary and enjoy great commissary savings while you help support your Memorial again this year.

Sponsored products in the 2007 “Salute the Women in the Military” Campaign are:

Dial soap & laundry detergent
Ensure Nutrition & Glucerna by Ross Labs
Equal sweetener
M&M Mars candies
M&M Mars Kudos
M&M Mars Dove Ice Cream
Mueller’s or Golden Grain pastas
Newman’s Own Salad Dressing, Salsa & Pasta Sauce
Renuzit Adjustables
Schiff Nutritional Move Free
Sunny Delight fruit drink
Wrigley’s Cobalt gum

We hope you’ll stock up today and support your Memorial!

(August 2007)

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