E-mail Addresses: Personal vs. Professional

When submitting your contact information to the Foundation, many of you provide work-based e-mail addresses. While using a work-based e-mail may provide you with convenient access to your Memorial e-mail correspondence and electronic newsletters, these addresses sometimes pose delivery difficulties for the Foundation. Often, large companies, military installations and educational institutions have advanced security measures and sophisticated firewalls in place for the protection of their business interests and their employees. These measures that safeguard your security, may hinder your ability to receive e-mails from the Foundation. There are steps you can take to help ensure you continue to receive correspondence from the Foundation. First, we encourage you to, when possible, provide a personal rather than a work-based e-mail address. Adding hq@womensmemorial.org to your address book and/or whitelist can also help. If you use a work-based e-mail address and notice that your regular correspondence with Foundation staff or your monthly receipt of the e-Register suddenly stops, contact us at 703-533-1155 or 800-222-2294 so we can update your record with an alternate e-mail address.