Membership and Collections Management System (MCMS)

The Women In Military Service for America Memorial (WIMSA) needs to modernize its legacy custom developed 4D graphical database system to grow its member relationships and improve fundraising program capabilities. WIMSA is seeking to transform its operations by implementing a Membership and Collections Management System (MCMS) in conjunction with business process reengineering that provides a 360 degree view of all WIMSA constituents and their relationships with WIMSA, and also provides capabilities for them to engage with WIMSA through its many programs, events, fund raising, and other activities. The current 4D database system tracks donations, expenditures, records of women’s service, and the memorial register. The database system also supports memorial operations, sales and donations management, and maintains the curator collections, oral history, and library content. WIMSA’s internal staff also supports the public researcher community utilizing 4D’s query and reporting capabilities to access and provide WIMSA historical data. The 4D database has supported WIMSA’s memorial operations since 1997. WIMSA’s goal is to acquire the services, software, and expertise to design, implement, and support a comprehensive end-to-end solution based on Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) technologies that will enable WIMSA to accomplish its membership and collections management modernization objectives.

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