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A New Generation of Warriors Special Online Exhibit

This online exhibit is a companion to the Women’s Memorial’s special exhibit, A New Generation of Warriors, honoring the servicewomen of Enduring and Iraqi Freedom.

The exhibit speaks to the wartime experiences of these women through the memorabilia of 101st Airborne Division soldier CPL Jessica Ellis, who was killed in action on May 11, 2008, in Baghdad, Iraq. CPL Ellis, a medic, was on her second tour in Iraq when multiple EFP warheads struck her vehicle and she died of wounds suffered in the attack.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Ellis family for the temporary loan of Jessica’s military service mementos and artifacts. Their generous offer was the inspirations for the exhibit and made this important exhibit possible.

With text and images on four poster panels, as well as artifacts belonging to fallen Army CPL Jessica Ellis, the exhibit introduces the visitor to the expanding and rapidly evolving roles of military women—a necessary requirement to meet the ever-changing environment and the needs of an unconventional battlefield and undefined combat zone. Visitors learn about servicewomen’s duties, the weapons they carry and equipment they use. They see the uniforms they wear and how they spend their leisure time. There are intimate glimpses into e-mails and correspondence home and finally, the stark reality that combat and the enemy knows no gender as particular recognition is given to the fallen heroines of these wars.

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