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American Servicewomen in the Global War on Terror: Baghdad Diaries

When terrorists attacked the United States on September 11, 2001, over 15 percent of America’s military personnel were women. They served in nearly every rank, unit and echelon of the force, and filled critical warfighting positions. It was not surprising that women were among the first service members to deploy in America’s response to the attacks, the Global War on Terror.

Communication with friends and family was different from previous wars, when members of the military relied on snail mail and rare phone calls to keep in touch. In the War on Terror, internet, e-mail and accessible telephone service improved the speed and frequency of communication for many servicewomen. Now retired MGySgt Rosemarie Weber, USMC (Ret.) used e-mail to tell friends and family about her daily life during her tour of duty in Baghdad in 2003.

the Baghdad Diaries.

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