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In conjunction with our 10th Anniversary celebration, the Women’s Memorial Foundation unveiled its newest permanent exhibit during a ceremony on Nov. 3. Acting VA Secretary Gordon Mansfield and Vietnam-era Army nurse Marsha Four removed the ceremonial draping to reveal Era of Conflict, Vietnam War 1964-1975,to an audience of servicewomen and women veterans from all eras. Also present at the ceremony were USO entertainer Connie Stevens and retired Army nurse BG Connie Slewitzke, both of whom served during the Vietnam era. Featuring rare personal photographs, uniforms, and artifacts from the region as well as official papers related to military women, the exhibit honors the some 197,500 US servicewomen who served during the era. Woven together with a timeline and digitized quotations by the women themselves, the exhibit gives specific attention to the uniformed women who served in-country and the scores of American Red Cross, USO and Army Special Services women who served all over Vietnam. A special artifact is a pen used by President Lyndon B. Johnson to sign Public Law 94-130, the 1967 law that came about because of the Vietnam War and did away with the 2 percent ceiling on the number of women who could serve and allowed women to attain general/flag rank.