Frequently Asked Questions

About the Memorial
What is the Women’s Memorial?

About Visiting & Touring
Where is the Women’s Memorial?
When is the Women’s Memorial open?
How do I get to the Women’s Memorial?
Where do I park at the Women’s Memorial?
Is the Women’s Memorial handicap accessible?
How do you handle bus tours?
How do I schedule a tour?
Is there an admission fee to visit the Women’s Memorial?

About Scheduling Events
How do I schedule an event?

About Registration
Who is eligible to register?
How do I register myself or someone else?
How do I update or correct my Women’s Memorial registration information?
How do I add a picture to my registration?
Can I view a registration online?
How can I check to see if someone is registered with the Women’s Memorial?
How do I order a printout of my Women’s Memorial record?

About Employment & Volunteer Opportunity
How can I find out about employment opportunities at the Women’s Memorial?
What volunteer opportunities do you have available at the Women’s Memorial?

About Our Speakers Bureau
How can I get a woman veteran to speak at an event?
How can I sign up to speak about my service or the Women’s Memorial?

About Donating Artifacts
How do I donate artifacts to the Women’s Memorial?

About Flags
How can I get a flag flown at the Women’s Memorial?
How do I dispose of my old or worn American flag?

About Obtaining Photographs
How can I download a high resolution photograph of the Women’s Memorial?
How can I download a high resolution photograph of Brigadier General Vaught?
How can I obtain photographs of women serving in or with the U.S. military?

About Supporting Our Troops
How can I support our troops serving overseas?

About Veterans Issues, Information and Opportunities
How can I request copies of military personnel records?
Where can I find information about military honors for funerals?
How do I find information about other Women Veterans Organizations?

About Privacy
What is the Women’s Memorial Foundation’s Privacy Policy?

About Financials
Where can I view the Women’s Memorial Foundation financials?