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Celebration of a Decade:

Women In Military Service Memorial Marks First 10 Years
Celebrate, reunite, and remember. Some of the faces were young, some old. Army green stood shoulder to shoulder with Air Force blue with Marines, Navy and Coast Guard nearby. And just as they did 10 years before, they had come together to celebrate, reunite and remember.
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Annual Commissary Campaign Kicks Off
Military commissaries around the globe kicked off their annual “Salute the Women in the Military” campaign Aug. 2.
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Race In Space: 1st Astronaut Runs Boston Marathon
Some of us run a couple miles a day for routine fitness, but few of us can even imagine–or would consider–running the 26.2 miles it takes to complete a marathon. Now, imagine running those 26 miles on a treadmill.
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End of an Era: The Last Surviving WWI Woman Veteran Dies
Charlotte Winters lived for 109 years. To some, she may have appeared to be just an ordinary woman who enjoyed an extraordinarily long life. But the passing of Charlotte Winters on March 27, 2007, marked the end of an era in military women’s history–she was the last-known surviving woman veteran of World War I.
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Patriotism Runs in the Family:
A Tribute to Generations of Military Women
As communities across the nation pause to reflect on the countless contributions and diverse legacy of American women during Women’s History Month, the Women’s Memorial Foundation is proud to take part in this month-long commemoration by celebrating America’s servicewomen.
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Celebrating the Legacy:
African-American Women Serving in Our Nation’s Defense

As we reflect on the accomplishments, lives and legacies of African-Americans during Black History Month, we have the unique opportunity to highlight some of the contributions and achievements of thousands of black women who have served in our nation’s defense.
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Former President Gerald Ford Remembered
As the nation prepared to say a final goodbye to its 38th president, more than 100 military women gathered at the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC, on December 30. Along with hundreds of mourners, women from across the generations and from every branch of service stood in ranks to honor Gerald R. Ford.
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