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27 FlyGirls Open WASP Exhibit Nov. 14:
Trailblazing women military pilots celebrate inspiring story.
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To Wear WASP Wings:
Lorraine Rodgers was one of the 1,074 women pilots who helped change women’s military history. Full Story

Quilt Unveiled to Honor Fallen OEF/OIF Servicewomen:
Quilters from Oregon, families and friends of servicewomen who have died in Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom and special guests gathered at the Women’s Memorial Sept. 17 at a ceremony hosted by Foundation President Brig. Gen. Wilma L. Vaught to unveil the “Fallen Military Women Quilt.” Full Story

Women Part of NASA’s 50-Year Space Odyssey: Servicewomen astronauts have expanding role in space exploration
The agency that would lead America to the moon and beyond was formed 50 years ago when the National Aeronautics and Space Administration opened its doors Oct. 1, 1958. Though heavily male dominated through much of its history, pioneering women—including many servicewomen—broke into and eventually through the astronaut corps ranks. Full Story

Master Swimmer: Octogenarian Sets World Records, Wins Gold
Much has been made this Olympic season about 41-year-old Olympic swimmer Dara Torres. Sports analysts ponder how she can compete at world-class levels “at her age.” Master Swimmer and World War II veteran Billie Burrill laughs at such notions.
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Women’s Memorial Welcomes Pack of Lionesses:
Women in Combat Show Documentary at Summit Reception at Memorial
The military may not permit women in combat, but necessity trumped policy almost from the beginning of the war in Iraq. In 2003, a random group of 25 women soldiers—Team Lioness—was sent with infantry units on search missions and raids. The women didn’t just see combat, they engaged in it, Lionesses explain in a newly released documentary, Lioness, which previewed June 20 at the Women’s Memorial.
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First Woman Receives 4 Stars
GEN Ann E. Dunwoody becomes the first woman to be promoted to 4-star general Nov. 14, 2008
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The American Soldier:
Traveling Exhibit Depicts Soldiers Through Nine American Wars
Memorial Day marked the beginning of The American Soldier, a temporary exhibit at the Women’s Memorial. Exhibit producer Cyma Rubin helped unveil the traveling exhibit—The American Soldier: A Photographic Tribute to Soldiers and Marines from the Civil War to the War in Iraq—during formal opening and gala reception May 13.
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Breakfast Champion: Army Veteran Wheelchair Racer Chosen for Cheerios Box
Generations of breakfast eaters have gazed across the kitchen table at the pictures of all-star athletes on the front of a cereal box. Hank Aaron, Esther Williams, Lance Armstrong, and Chris Everett have all shared a breakfast table with America. This year, it’s Army veteran and wheelchair racer Holly Koester’s turn.
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Silver Star Medic: Second Woman Soldier Awarded Silver Star for Gallantry in Combat
Army medic SPC Monica Lin Brown ran through enemy fire to help five wounded soldiers who were crawling from a burning HMMWV. Her efforts to first shield the wounded and then move them to a safer location earned her the second Silver Star in US military history awarded to a woman for action in direct combat.
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Voices of Valor:
A Tribute to America’s Servicewomen in the Global War on Terror
The Foundation celebrated Women’s History Month in March with a special salute to servicewomen who have served in Operations Iraqi and Enduring Freedom. Five women, decorated for their service in the Global War on Terror, are featured.
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Have a Heart: Showing America’s Veterans and Servicemembers You Care
Let a servicemember know that you appreciate his or her service to our country by sending a Valentine’s greeting, or stop by and cheer a hospitalized veteran.
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America’s Giving Challenge and You: How You Can Help the Women’s Memorial Foundation Earn $50,000
The Women’s Memorial Foundation has an opportunity to receive a $50,000 grant but we need you to help make it happen.
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