Getting Healthy in 2007!

For many, New Year’s resolutions involve pledges to get healthy in the new year. For some, these early year promises quickly become failed resolutions, but the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is here to help. Whether you use the VA health care system or not, VA offers a powerful tool, called “My HealtheVet (MHV),” to help all veterans manage their health—and it’s free!

Launched in Fall 2003, MHV is not only the gateway to veteran health benefits and services at VA medical centers, it also offers a host of interactive tools to help you better understand and oversee your own health issues and goals–getting you on the road to a healthy new year. From recording your health history and monitoring your body weight to accessing illness fact sheets and finding links to Federal and VA benefits, the VA’s “My HealtheVet” is an interactive tool you’ll want to use over and over.

MHV is easy to use. All you need is access to a computer and the Internet.
To get started, simply log onto the VA’s Web site at click on the link “Continue on to My HealtheVet.” In just minutes, you’ll create a username and password and be on your way to better health.

MHV offers something for everyone–veteran and VA beneficiary alike. The site is broken down into easy to use sections. For instance in the “Track Health” section, you may record and track your health information in one convenient location. You may document allergies and immunizations for reference, record and monitor your blood pressure, weight and more on the “Vitals + Readings” page. You may also monitor other health statistics like blood sugar, cholesterol readings, heart rate, pain levels and much more. Another great feature in “Track Health” is the “Journals” page. For anyone trying to lose those extra holiday pounds or for those who like to track their own health plan and progress, MHV can help. The Food Journal and Activity Journal allow you to make daily entries about meals, snacks, and workout sessions—even how many glasses of water you drink per day. Many of the wellness records in the “Track Health” section can be printed to allow you to share them with your healthcare provider.

VA beneficiaries can currently refill VA prescriptions online via MHV; and VA is adding new features to help make your VA healthcare experience even better. As soon as January 2007, beneficiaries will be able to look up appointments online. VA hopes to add even more features in the future, like checking co-pay balances and viewing portions of VA medical records.

For more information, visit VA’s Web site at

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