Women in the Global War on Terror In-Memoriam Honor Roll

Since the Global War on Terror began, 113 servicewomen have died serving our country. To honor the servicewomen who made the ultimate sacrifice in today’s wars, the name and photograph of each fallen servicewoman has also been added to the Memorial Register, guaranteeing that her story has a permanent place in American history. The registrations of fallen Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom (OEF/OIF) servicewoman have been compiled into an In-Memoriam book located in the Hall of Honor at the Women In Military Service For America Memorial.

The Women’s Memorial Foundation presents the following In-Memoriam Honor Roll in tribute to the service and sacrifice of the 113 women who have died in defense of our nation since the Global War on Terror began.

They gave the last full measure:

Operation Iraqi Freedom
Specialist Lori A. Piestewa, USA
Sergeant Melissa Valles, USA
Specialist Alyssa R. Peterson, USA
Private First Class Analaura Esparza-Gutierrez, USA
Specialist Tamarra J. Ramos, USA
Seaman Jakia S. Cannon, USN
Private First Class Rachel Kristen Heather Bosveld, USA
Private First Class Karina S. Lau, USA
Specialist Frances M. Vega, USA
Chief Warrant Officer 5 Sharon T. Swartworth, USA
Sergeant Linda C. Jimenez, USA
Staff Sergeant Kimberly Voelz, USA
Captain Kimberly N. Hampton, USA
Sergeant Keicia M. Hines, USA
Private First Class Holly J. McGeogh, USA
Private First Class Nichole M. Frye, USA
Captain Gussie M. Jones, USA
Specialist Tyanna S. Avery-Felder, USA
Specialist Michelle M. Witmer, USA
Specialist Isela Rubalcava, USA
Private First Class Leslie D. Jackson, USA
Private First Class Melissa J. Hobart, USA
Sergeant First Class Linda Ann Tarango-Griess, USA
Sergeant Tatjana Reed, USA
Sergeant Shawna M. Morrison, IL ARNG
Staff Sergeant Gina R. Sparks, USA
Specialist Jessica L. Cawvey, IL ARNG
Sergeant Pamela G. Osbourne, USA
Sergeant Cari A. Gasiewicz, USA
Sergeant Tina S. Time, USAR
Sergeant Jessica M. Housby, IL ARNG
Specialist Katrina L. Bell-Johnson, USA
Specialist Lizbeth Robles, USA
Specialist Adriana N. Salem, USA
Specialist Aleina Ramirezgonzalez, USA
Private First Class Sam W. Huff, USA
Specialist Carrie L. French, ID ARNG
Lance Corporal Holly A. Charette, USMC
Corporal Ramona M. Valdez, USMC
Petty Officer 1st Class Regina R. Clark, USN
Sergeant First Class Tricia L. Jameson, NE ARNG
Private First Class Lavena Lynn Johnson, USA
Specialist Toccara R. Green, USA
Airman First Class Elizabeth N. Jacobson, USAF
First Lieutenant Debra A. Banaszak, MO ARNG
Sergeant Julia V. Atkins, USA
Sergeant Myla L. Maravillosa, USA
Sergeant Regina C. Reali, USAR
First Lieutenant Jaime L. Campbell, AK ARNG
Private First Class Tina M. Priest, USA
Private First Class Amy A. Duerksen, USA
Sergeant Amanda N. Pinson, USA
Lance Corporal Juana NavarroArellano, USMC
Petty Officer 2nd Class Jaime S. Jaenke, USN
Private First Class Hannah L. McKinney, USA
Second Lieutenant Emily J.T. Perez, USA
Sergeant Jennifer M. Hartman, USA
First Lieutenant Ashley L. (Henderson) Huff, USA
Lieutenant Commander Jane E. (Lanham) Tafoya, USN
Sergeant Denise A. Lannaman, NY ARNG
Sergeant Jeannette T. Dunn, USA
Major Megan M. McClung, USMC
Major Gloria D. Davis, USA
Seaman Sandra S. Grant, USN
Senior Airman Elizabeth A. Loncki, USAF
Petty Officer 1st Class Jennifer A. Valdivia, USN
Command Sergeant Major Marilyn L. Gabbard, IA ARNG
Specialist Carla J. Stewart, CA ARNG
Corporal Jennifer M. Parcell, USMC
Captain Jennifer J. Harris, USMC
Sergeant Ashly L. Moyer, USA
Private First Class Katie M. Soenksen, USA
Specialist Karen N. Clifton, USA
Sergeant Trista L. Moretti, USA
Specialist Michelle R. Ring, USA
Captain Maria I. Ortiz, USA
Staff Sergeant Alicia A. Birchett, USA
Sergeant Princess C. Samuels, USA
Specialist Zandra T. Walker, USA
Specialist Kamisha J. Block, USA
Specialist Marisol Heredia, USA
Captain (Dr.) Roselle M. Hoffmaster, USA
Seaman Apprentice Shayna Ann Schnell, USN
Specialist Rachael L. Hugo, USAR
Staff Sergeant Lillian Clamens, USAR
Seaman Anamarie Sannicolas Camacho, USN
Seaman Genesia Mattril Gresham, USN
Second Lieutenant Tracy Lynn Alger, USA
Specialist Christine M. Ndururi, USA
Staff Sergeant Carletta S. Davis, USA
Specialist Ashley Sietsema, IL ARNG
Sergeant Tracy R. Birkman, USA
Specialist Keisha M. Morgan, USA
Petty Officer 1st Class Cherie L. Morton, USN
Lance Corporal Casey L. Casanova, USMC
Specialist Mary J. Jaenichen, USA
Corporal Jessica A. Ellis, USA

Technical Sergeant jackie L. Larsen, USAF
Private First Class Jennifer L. Cole, USA
Private Janelle F. King, USA

Operation Enduring Freedom
Sergeant Jeannette L. Winters, USMC
Staff Sergeant Anissa A. Shero, USAF
First Lieutenant Tamara Lee Archuleta, USAF
Specialist Julie R. Hickey, USAR
Specialist Chrystal G. Stout, SC ARNG
Sergeant Major Barbaralien Banks, USA
First Lieutenant Laura M. Walker, USA
Senior Airman Alecia S. Good, USAF
Sergeant Wakkuna A. Jackson, USA
Sergeant First Class Merideth L. Howard, USAR
Petty Officer 2nd Class Laquita Pate James, USN
Specialist Ciara M. Durkin, MA ARNG
Seaman Katrina R. Grady, USN