Bring History to Life with "Her"story

The Women’s Memorial Foundation offers, students and teachers a comprehensive kit of materials and activities about the women who make up more than 220 years of varied service to the nation’s defense. While a Memorial visit enriches the materials, the kit stands alone and serves as a valuable tool for any number of educational disciplines.

The Education Kit contains a variety of materials including a School Tour Request Form and brief histories of the Women’s Memorial and women in the military. The kit features:

  • word searches,
  • crossword puzzle,
  • flag exercises,
  • activity on needs versus resources,
  • comprehensive timeline,
  • suggested reading list, as well as biographies of women who have served throughout the years—starting with the American Revolution and ending with a prisoner of war from Desert Storm.

More activities, lesson plans and learning tools are being developed, to include specialized era-specific tours for teachers and students.

While funding limits the number of available kits, and until the final product is up on the web, teachers are encouraged to request a kit by contacting the Public Relations Department at 703-533-1155, 800-222-2294 or by e-mailing

Teachers, Help Us, Help You!

Tell us what you want and need so we can create lesson plans, activities and teaching materials to help you meet your Standards of Learning and give you NEW ways to teach the “same old stuff.” Whether you’ve been teaching for years or just starting out, we want your input and the help of teachers who are willing to share their experience, ideas and hands-on knowledge of what students want and need, how they learn, and what works and what doesn’t in the classroom.

The Memorial Foundation is looking for enthusiastic, innovative educators to help us enhance our exciting education opportunities and resources.

We’d like your feedback on a variety of unique activities as well as evaluations of existing materials. Your input will help the Foundation continue to develop programs, teaching aids and activities.

Please pass information about this innovative program to educators and others who might be interested in helping. For additional information, contact the Public Relations Department at 703-533-1155, 800-222-2294 or by e-mailing