Uncover "Her" story

Uncover the legacy of America’s servicewomen using this interactive map. Click any of the highlighted states to read about one of the many women veterans who have shared their story with the Women’s Memorial. You’ll see her photo, read her most memorable military experience and learn some of the details of her service. This map will be updated monthly, so visit it often and, if you’re a servicewoman, who knows, your story may be the next one you see!

Scroll down to learn how you can be considered for inclusion on our “Her“story map.
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Printout Section at printout@womensmemorial.org or by calling 800-222-2294

Each month one servicewoman’s story will be added to one state on this map; the newly added state will appear in red, previously added states will appear in blue. The woman veteran featured in a state is either originally from or currently living in that state. Stories will be added in the order in which each state donated to the Women’s Memorial in honor of its women veterans. To be considered for inclusion on our map, a servicewoman MUST be a registered member of the Memorial and her registration record MUST be complete. If you are not sure if you or a servicewoman you know is registered, please contact our Registration Department at 800-222-2294 or regdept@womensmemorial.org. Our Web site offers several ways to register and update or correct a record, and also provides information on how to add a photograph to a record. If you are unsure whether or not a record is complete, you can request a proof printout and then make any additions and corrections.