What We Don't Record, We Lose!

The Women In Military Service For America Memorial is the only major national memorial honoring all women who served in our nation’s defense throughout history. Their patriotism and bravery are a part of our nation’s collective heritage and are finally recognized in the Memorial through exhibits, film and the Memorial Register, which guarantees each registered woman’s individual story a permanent place in America’s history.

Some 3 million women have served in defense of our nation, since its beginning nearly 250 years ago. The individual histories of more than 258,000 of these women come to life in the Memorial Register. The Register is an interactive computer database that allows Memorial visitors access to military histories, photographs and memorable military experiences of registered servicewomen. However, registration is NOT AUTOMATIC.

If you are a servicewoman, or know of a servicewoman, past or present, please help preserve this important and long overlooked portion of history by completing a registration form today for yourself, a family member or friend. Every woman’s story is important and any information is better than no information. It is individual experiences that make up America’s collective history. Make sure the story of women serving in defense of our nation is recorded and never forgotten.

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