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Leadership Circle


Donna F. Barbisch
MG, USA NC, Retired

Becky Beauregard

Sally Brice-O’Hara
VADM, USCG, Retired

Mari K. Eder
MG, USA, Retired

Evelyn “Pat” P. Foote
BG, USA, Retired

Holly K. Hemphill
Former Chair, DACOWITS

Gail Howell

Leslie F. Kenne
Lt. Gen., USAF, Retired

Claudia Kennedy
LTG, USA, Retired

Melissa L. Koskovich
USAF Veteran

Deborah L. Kotulich

Muriel R. McCarthy
Brig. Gen., USAF, Retired

Linda Millis
AFCEA International

Carol A. Mutter
Lt. Gen., USMC, Retired

Marilyn A. Quagliotti
MG, USA, Retired

Mary Reinwald
Col, USMC, Retired

Ann E. Rondeau
VADM, USN, Retired

Linda J. Stierle
Brig. Gen., USAF NC, Retired

Jenny Tran

Irene Trowell-Harris
Maj. Gen., USAF NC, Retired

Mary J. Wamsley
Former DACOWITS Chair

*Note: The Board of Directors members are also members of the Leadership Circle.