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Available Volunteer Positions

Visitor Services Representatives

Representatives serve as greeters and guides to visitors at the Memorial. A volunteer in this position will be the first line of contact for visitors at the Memorial and are important to how the Memorial reaches out to servicewomen and the public. The Memorial represents the story of women’s service, and as a volunteer, you will help honor servicewomen, preserve their stories, and educate the public.

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Data Entry Assistant

The Military Women’s Memorial is a living memorial, and at its heart is the Register. The Register is a database storing all the stories of servicewomen who decided to preserve their part of history here with us. Any women, of any rank, in any branch, who served her country deserves her spot in our nation’s history, and their stories can all be saved with WIMSA in our Register. Currently, over 250,000 women are registered with WIMSA, which is around 10% of the women who have served in our nation’s history.
Each servicewoman submits their information either online or at the Memorial, and our Register Department at the Foundation’s office inputs that information into our database. As a Data Entry Assistant at the Foundation, volunteers will be helping the Registration team to input information about registrations, donations, and various transactions into our new database. We need your help to ensure that the stories we hold of women’s service are clear, accurate, and reflect the importance of their contributions to history.

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Collections Assistant

At the Military Women’s Memorial, we work to commemorate all women who have served or are serving in the defense of our nation since the American Revolution. We document and preserve their individual and collective histories while educating the public about women’s military roles and accomplishments.
The Memorial’s History and Collections Department is seeking a volunteer(s) to organize historical reference files used by Department staff and outside researchers.

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Application and Training:

Applications are submitted to the Volunteer Coordinator. Applicants will be contacted for an interview and tour of the Memorial. Volunteers will be welcomed with an orientation and training sessions to prepare them for their roles in the organization.

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