Authors, Journalists, Scholars and Researchers

From time to time, the Foundation is asked to help writers, scholars and researchers identify military women, past and present, who are willing to participate in surveys, studies and interviews for books, research papers or projects relating to women’s military service.

In order to reach a wider audience, we’ve decided to post, at our discretion, some of these requests. Interested readers may contact the authors or researchers directly.

Research on the Needs of Women Veterans
American Jewish University (AJU) in Los Angeles is asking women veterans to help them with their research on the needs and experiences of women veterans by completing an online survey. The purpose of the research is to understand the adjustment needs and concerns of women veterans so that researchers and practitioners can be better prepared to meet their needs. The survey asks about military experiences including traumas, as well as questions about readjustment to civilian life and assistance for employment, education and health care. AJU is not associated with the VA or any governmental agency. The survey is online, completely anonymous and voluntary and participants may stop at anytime. AJU’s Institutional Review Board has reviewed the survey. Questions can be directed to Dr. Sue Kapitanoff, American Jewish University Professor and the Principal Investigator of the study. She can be reached at or call 310-440-1295. Click here to access the online survey. Your participation in the survey would be greatly appreciated.

Researcher Looking for Military Women Pioneers
A researcher at Portland State University is looking for women veterans who are considered to be pioneering, prominent and/or elite for a study and subsequent book. Candidates for participation would include those women (officer and enlisted) whose service in the military led them to assume precedent setting roles (e.g. unique achievements, involvement in a series of “firsts” like nontraditional occupations or critical assignments and/or those whose promotions have paved the way for other military women). Those interested in participating in the study, would like to refer an individual for the study or have questions about the study should contact Dr. G.L.A. Harris at 503-725-9594 or The study has been approved by the Human Subjects Research Review Committee at Portland State University.

Author Seeks WWII-Era African American Servicewomen and Civilian Women
Author Cheryl Mullenbach is developing a book about the contributions of African American women during World War II for young adult readers. She is seeking to conduct phone interviews with African American servicewomen and civilian women from that era who are willing to share their experiences and memories of the war years. For more information or to share your story, please contact Ms. Mullenbach by email at or by phone at 515-210-3020.

Exhibit and Photo Journal to Honor Servicewomen
“I Am A U.S. Veteran: Women of War and Conflicts” is the title of an upcoming photography exhibit and photo journal book about America’s military women, past and present. Photographer and author, Therese A. Hughes, is producing the exhibit and book to increase the public’s awareness and dialogue of military women and their roles in the nation’s defense. Her goal is to honor military women through an artist’s lens. Over the coming months, Ms. Hughes hopes to connect with 1,000 women veterans through every means possible and photograph some 250 of them for the photo journal and exhibit, which is expected to launch on tour from the Women’s Memorial. Your help is needed in spreading the word about the project to women veteran organizations, conferences and activities, as well as to individual servicewomen who might be interested in being a part of the project. For more information about the project, obtain photo specifications and release forms, contact Ms. Hughes at or call 805-405-5225. You may want to consider inviting Ms. Hughes to attend a women veteran conference to talk about the project and photograph attendees. You may also use the information in this notice for distribution or reprint.

(May 2012)