Update: Tell 3 Women—Pay Forward the Legacy Registration Campaign Reaches 1st Milestone

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Thanks to many of you, the Women’s Memorial Foundation reached the first registration milestone of its Tell 3 Women—Pay Forward the Legacy registration campaign early this year—250,000 registrations.

Tell 3 Women is the Foundation’s latest effort to help the nation’s 2.5 million women veterans, past and present, take their rightful place in history. Launched during the Memorial’s 15th Anniversary celebration on Oct 19-20, 2012, the registration campaign asks each of us to embrace women’s rich legacy of service and to cultivate and pass it forward by introducing three women to the Memorial and helping them register. Your continued help registering eligible women is a tremendous show of support and a great incentive to reaching an annual goal of 10,000 registrations a year.

Each one of us has an investment in history, either through our own service or that of a family member or friend. The mission here at the Women’s Memorial Foundation is to capture and illustrate that investment—that legacy of service—so that our sons and daughters and future generations of Americans will know of the individual and collective contributions of women to the nation’s defense. You can pass this rich legacy of service on to three women today by helping them register their service with the Women’s Memorial either online, using our Online Registration and Donation Form, or by downloading our printable Registration Form (PDF). Servicewomen from every era, past and present, are eligible. A place to start is by honoring a woman from your town returning from the war in Afghanistan; or a woman in your unit about to reenlist or be promoted; or pay tribute to a woman in your church or local nursing home who served

Again, our thanks goes out to everyone who contributed to achieving the 250,000 registration milestone! Visit our website throughout the year as we will continue to update our progress toward each registration goal.

(March 2013)