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Voices of Valor:
A Tribute to America’s Servicewomen in the Global War on Terror

Decorated for their bravery and courage, they stand in harm’s way. They fly our planes, inspect hazardous materials, care for the wounded, ensure communications and protect our troops. They are part of America’s elite fighting force—they are America’s military women. While many across the nation reflect on the rich history and innumerable contributions of our nation’s women during the annual Women’s History Month (WHM) celebration, the Women’s Memorial Foundation is proud to take part in this month-long commemoration each March by celebrating America’s military women and sharing their stories of service and sacrifice.

Although the Foundation normally focuses on the national theme for this important observance, this year—as we mark the 5th anniversary of the start of Operation Iraqi Freedom on March 19—the Foundation is paying special tribute to today’s servicewomen serving in the Global War on Terror.

2008 Poster Release
As part of its tribute to military women, the Foundation is pleased to announce the release of its 2008 WHM poster Voices of Valor. This full-color, display-quality poster spotlights five decorated servicewomen who served in the Global War on Terror, highlighting one woman from each of the US Armed Forces. The poster features remarkable role models for America’s youth—ordinary women who have stepped up to do extraordinary things. This impressive poster promises to be a great tool to stimulate pride in America’s military women and encourage discussion about women’s roles, past and present.

The Online Education Kit
In addition, the Foundation is delighted to publish its second online WHM kit to accompany this year’s poster. Designed to complement the poster as a teaching tool, the WHM kit includes a host of materials to support classroom discussion and encourage further study, as well as the opportunity to learn more about the women featured on the poster as they share their stories of service, sacrifice and valor. The Foundation also invites you to check out other sections of our Web site like “History & Collections” or “News & Events,” where you’re sure to find a wealth of resources to help you include military women in your WHM celebrations.

With Many Thanks
Through the generous and continued support of our loyal partners, Disabled American Veterans (DAV) and AMVETS (American Veterans) and the assistance of the American Library Association, the free posters will be displayed at military installations and Department of Defense schools worldwide, veteran’s facilities across the nation, and at hundreds of school libraries.

(March 2008)

2008 Voices of Valor WHM Kit

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